In order to complete your order we will require the following:
1. Your logo in a vector file format (.ai, .eps, or .cdr)
   a. If your logo is printed in color we will use the CMYK value of your file provided to mach your color.
   b. You will need to convert any and all text to curves so you can maintain the style of your font used.
   c. Consider adding a SHORT URL or Toll Free number on the bottom of your Logo.
2. CUSTOM PACKAGING - we will require a high resolution .pdf for printing. Make sure to follow the template
    guidelines on the template page. a. Do not include crop marks on your artwork.
    b. Convert your fonts to outlines
    c. Make sure you have a .25 bleed on all four sides

PRIVACY 3 PACK & Work From Home Privacy Pack UNIT PRINT AREAS

1.0 Print Area - 0.45" wide x 0.35" tall   Mic Block -  0.63" wide x 0.23" tall    Data Blocker - 0.95" wide x 0.85" tall


We use mostly UV full color printing, however we also use pad printing and heat transfer depending on the job.


PRIVACY 3 PACK & Work From Home Privacy Pack  TEMPLATE

Privacy 3 Pack 4x6 Card  front.jpg
Privacy 3 Pack 4x6 Card  back.jpg

Privacy Pack Standard Card

Work From Home Privacy Pack 

Standard Card

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