Top Tech Products
That Deliver Impressions

With new tech innovations coming out all the time, it can be difficult to differentiate between top-performing tech and flash-in-the-pan gimmicks. The bottom line? Promos need to deliver impressions to be successful – and these tech products will do just that. Find out which tech products reign supreme, and compare them against other popular product categories to understand their true potential.

* All impressions statistics are from the 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study, unless otherwise noted.



Did you know?

Promotional USBs are kept an average of 13 months.

Compared to: Promotional headwear is kept an average of 10 months.

While many distributors already understand the effectiveness of branded headwear, few realize that branded USBs are actually held onto and used by end-users for longer, which means more time for your clients to gain impressions.

It’s no surprise why USB devices like flash drives and data blockers deliver so many impressions. Just ask yourself: How many hours did you spend on your phone, tablet or laptop last week? Every time end-users just like you look down at their screens, they’ll get a dose of your client’s brand when these USB devices are plugged in. Not only are these promos paired with highly used tech devices, they’re also extremely useful, which increases their potential impressions even more.

Remember: Functional promos are kept longer, providing more opportunity for each USB device to be used and seen.

C-Slide Suggestions

AMD Bamboo Flash Drive Custom Packaging.jpg

Available in both Bamboo and Walnut, this USB drive offers eco-friendly appeal for even more impact.

Levi's USDB Custom Card.jpg

Available in both Bamboo and Walnut, this USB drive offers eco-friendly appeal for even more impact.

Home Depot USDB Bamboo Custom Card.jpg

Remind end-users of your client’s brand every time they glance down at their phone or laptop.



Did you know?

Promotional power banks generate 900 impressions over their lifetime.

Compared to: Promotional calendars generate 850 impressions over their lifetime.

Both power banks and branded calendars are products that end-users can use throughout the entire year – and in the case of power banks, even longer into the future, for many years to come

In today’s tech-driven world, promos that keep devices powered on aren’t just convenient luxuries – they’re everyday essentials. Whether recipients work on the go or are simply always scrolling social media feeds, all end-users will appreciate being given branded power banks that keep batteries on 100%. Not only will these handy items be used often, they also come in clutch when end-users need them most (after all, is there anything worse than a phone or laptop suddenly shutting off and erasing all the work you just did?). End-users will remember your client was the one who kept them connected, building trust and confidence simply by investing in tech.

C-Slide Suggestions

TripAdvisor Metal Power Bank custom packaging.jpg

Metal Power Bank


Thanks to its durable metal construction, this power bank will last much longer than others on the market.

Mixkit PowerBank custom packaging 2.jpg

Bamboo Power Bank


Not only will this power bank keep tech charged, it’s also made with eco-friendly bamboo for environmental benefits.



Did you know?

Promotional desk accessories generate 1,450 impressions over their lifetime.

Compared to: Promotional drinkware items generate 1,400 impressions over their lifetime.

Drinkware is one of the most popular promo categories, yet few distributors know its reach can be duplicated by branded desk items beloved by in-office staff or work-from-home warriors.

Desk accessories like speakers and chargers have two major advertising benefits. First off, their exposure. Whether end-users work in a traditional office or have their own desk setup at home, you can bet most 9-5'rs will be looking at and interacting with desk accessories at least five days a week, every week. Talk about highly visible real estate! Secondly, these products aren’t just for desks – they’re entertainment essentials. When promos like speakers are busted out at a party or celebration, your clients will gain even more impressions from everyone in attendance.

C-Slide Suggestions

splash speaker water Unilever_edited.jpg

Bamboo Splash Proof Bluetooth Speaker


The waterproof design of this speaker allows its reach to extend beyond the desk to pools, beaches, parties and more.

Vans Dual B+A Phone Amplifier custom packaging.jpg

Bamboo & Acrylic Phone Amplifier


No speaker? No problem! Phone amplifiers pump up the volume for an affordable price all clients can take advantage of.

Snapple BambooWirelessCharger custom packaging.jpg

Bamboo Wireless Charger


Eco-friendly appeal, wireless convenience and practical functionality? Check, check and check.



Did you know?

Promotional writing instruments generate 3,000 impressions over their lifetime.

Compared to: Promotional polo shirts generate 2,300 impressions over their lifetime.

While both popular promo categories have a time and a place, there’s no denying the incredibly low cost-per-impression writing instruments provide – especially when optimized to work with tech too.

While writing instruments may not be the first thing you think of when you hear “tech,” today they often come along with the territory. Stylus pens make it super simple to work          on phonestablets and laptops with touch screens. As such, you’ll want to prioritize multifunctional pens that include a stylus pen, or even a phone stand, to appeal to tech aficionados. If your clients are concerned about the cost of tech promos, suggest they invest in tech-compliant writing instruments instead for major impact for little spend.

C-Slide Suggestions

Marriott Bamboo Pen Phone Holder custom packaging.jpg

Is it a pen, a phone stand or a stylus? It’s all three, plus an advertising powerhouse once your clients add their logo.

CocaCola EcoDesk 3P 5x8 custom packaging.jpg

Eco Desk 3 Pack


With a multifunction pen, flash drive and webcam cover all included, this budget-friendly bundle makes branding easy.

Land Rover EcoDesk 4P 6x8 custom packaging.jpg

Eco Desk 4 Pack


Provide clients with all the promos they need to make an impression, like this multifunction pen, USB data blocker, flash drive and webcam cover.



Did you know?

Americans look at their phones an average of 58 times a day, per RescueTime –
21,170 impressions a year.

Compared to: Promotional bags generate 3,300 impressions over their lifetime.

Bags are by far one of the most effective promos, thanks to how many impressions they garner in a day. However, promos that attach to phones, such as webcam covers, can produce almost 7x those results.

It’s no surprise that today’s consumer is constantly on their phone. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, all devices are getting some major screen time. With people preferring to work remotely from personal laptops or streaming movies at home on tablets instead of trekking to the theater, personal tech devices now offer major branding real estate. Help your clients get their brand on all the devices people use at home with branded webcam covers. Not only do these promos prevent cyber criminals from invading the user's privacy, they’re also displayed right where consumers are looking when surfing the webstreaming music or posting stories.

C-Slide Suggestions

Venmo Channel Phone plastic black custom.jpg

Channel Phone

Webcam Cover


Your clients can get their brand front and center on end-users' phones for an incredibly low cost.

Mercedes-Benz channeltablet black plastic custom.jpg

Channel Tablet

Webcam Cover


Recipients will get a dose of advertising every time they check the news or read their favorite e-books on tablets.

Razor Custom Card Adobe.jpg

Hackers and peeping toms, beware. This laptop webcam cover enforces privacy and promotes your client’s company.

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