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You Need to Know

If one promo category increased in popularity last year, it's tech. With end-users staying home, securing the top tech products became essential for enjoyment and entertainment, and this demand isn't going away any time soon. Help clients put their brand on all the most popular promos consumers desire by educating them on the product features currently dominating retail.

eco-friendly featuers banner.jpg



Consumers no longer simply prefer sustainable and eco-friendly products – they demand them. In fact, a recent Nielsen study reported that 81% of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. They're willing to pay more for sustainable practices too: The same study found that 38% of consumers will pay more for sustainable products and 46% would pass up a brand name for an alternative environmentally friendly product.

This interest in eco-friendly features extends to tech too. Consumers want to know that their gadgets were made using sustainable materials so they can feel good while streaming, gaming, playing music and more. Explain this consumer demand to your clients and then present them with tech promos made from eco-friendly materials, such as wood or bamboo. These tech promos provide even greater quality than traditional tech, with the added bonus of being good for the environment.

C-Slide Suggestions

Home Depot USDB Bamboo Custom Card.jpg

Not only will this promo protect data – it will also have everyone asking end-users “Where did you get that?”

Cabela's Walnut Flash Drive custom packaging.jpg

Your clients can choose from either bamboo or walnut wood for a large-capacity flash drive that’s also made from sustainable materials.

Bamboo Swivel Vans laptop vector-Black.jpg

This webcam cover makes it easy to ensure privacy while also communicating that your clients and their customers care about the environment.

great for entertainment banner.jpg



At long last, people are finally able to get together with friends and family for parties, meals, holidays, graduations and more. It’s been a long year of social distancing and isolation – now it’s time to celebrate! No product category is more crucial for proper partying than technology. After all, what’s a shindig without speakers blasting some tunes or a TV set to stream your party playlist?

Make sure you speak to this desire to congregate in your sales calls. Tech products like speakersphone amplifiers or phone stands are all great options that are big hits at gatherings. Not only are these products guaranteed to be used, they’ll also be displayed in front of tons of people at once, promising plenty of impressions per party.

C-Slide Suggestions

splash speaker water Unilever_edited.jpg

Pool parties won't be an issue for this splash-proof speaker. Watch this promo become a summer essential this year and for all summers to come.


End-users can save the day and pump up the tunes wherever they are by simply placing their phones in this handy amplifier.

Tiktok BambooPhoneStand Block Custom Packaging.jpg

This portable keychain phone stand allows recipients to easily prop up their phones and show friends the latest memes, TikToks, music videos and more.

show some personality banner.jpg



People love expressing themselves, whether it's in-person, online or through their own individual style. One emerging popular form of expression is decorating tech gadgets, which is especially popular with Gen Z and millennials. From laptops and tablets to phones, young audiences in particular love adorning their belongings with branded accessories that represent their favorite music artists, television shows, organizations and interests. If your clients' promos look cool and connect to this desire, you can bet they'll be put on display.

For the greatest success, suggest items made in custom shapes that stand out from traditional offerings. End-users will gravitate toward unique promos that are as one-of-a-kind as they are. Or, recommend tech promos that are both practical and vibrantly decorated in full color so recipients will be proud to put them on display.

C-Slide Suggestions

Swivel Shaped with custom Liberty card.jpg

C-Slide can create any webcam cover shape your clients desire – the only limit is your imagination!

Target 360 Ring Phone Holder Custom 2.jpg

This popular trend shows no sign of going away. Be sure to point out how this ring phone holder can rotate all the way for the most comfortable grip.

Penzoil micblockleash custo.jpg

End-users will be able to keep eavesdroppers at bay while also showing off some of their favorite brands or companies.

cable management banner.jpg



With many teams still working remotely and some companies making the switch to "work from anywhere" permanently, organized home workstations are a must. After all, organized employees are productive employees. Did you know that a recent Accenture study found that 91% of employees would be more effective if their workspace was better organized? This is even more important for remote workers, who may not be tech handy themselves. In these cases, employees rely on their employers to set them up with the tools they need to stay organized and on-task.

Educate your clients on the items they need to set their teams up for success. Cable and cord organizers are the #1 product they should know. These easy-to-use items are affordablefunctional and deserve a spot in every remote employee's work setup. By keeping cords and clutter out of the way, workers will experience less distractions and accidents from pulled or tripped-over cords. Cord management is a necessity in the rapidly growing streaming world too. Gamers and esports competitors will all happily use cord organizers with your client's name on it – and if streamed, their brand will be broadcast to everyone tuning in.

C-Slide Suggestions

cable quack custom 2clip a&w.jpg

Have clients new to cable management? This affordable 2-clip style is the perfect place to start before committing to larger sizes.

cable quack custom 3clip twitter.jpg

With three clips included, this cord organizer is a great option for clients who want to purchase one size for all of their staff to use.

CQ5 custom black 7 eleven.jpg

No matter how many monitors, speakers or webcams your clients and their staff have, this cord organizer will keep everything organized and in its proper place.

quality over quantity banner.jpg



Similar to how they care about sustainability, consumers are also concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. The most effective way to do this? Producing less waste. To accomplish that, consumers are gravitating away from cheap items in favor of the highest-quality, most durable options available. This is because the longer products last, the less often they need to be thrown away and replaced, which keeps more items from ending up in landfills and reduces pollution.

This requirement for quality only increases in the tech space. Remember: Consumers are already comfortable paying premium prices for tech products. Tech fans understand the value of investing in the best, so you can go ahead and present top-quality items to your clients. Quality will never be an issue when you partner with supplier C-Slide, which specializes in producing innovative and exceptional tech for a wide variety of needs.

C-Slide Suggestions


With its large size, sustainable bamboo construction and Bluetooth compatibility, this speaker checks every box on consumers’ wish lists.

Pinterest Jellyfish Card Custom.jpg

Why give consumers chargers for each of their devices when your clients can give them one that does the job of four?

Marriott Bamboo Pen Phone Holder custom packaging.jpg

Whether it’s used as a pen, a tech stylus or a phone stand, this multifunctional pen is a high-quality promo that will be kept.

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