Remote Working - 10 Online Security Tips for Working from Home during

Covid-19 Pandemic

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"You should be aware that savvy hackers can easily access your webcam without permission, compromising your privacy. Worse still, if you have sensitive documents around your physical workspace, hackers may be able to view these by hijacking your webcam.

If your webcam is separate from your device, you should unplug it whenever you are not using it. But, if your webcam is built in, you should take extra measures to protect yourself – there’s no telling when a webcam attack could occur.” Read full Kaspersky article

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In The Zoom Era, Here’s Why I Always Use A Webcam Cover 

"By leaving your webcam uncovered, you are essentially placing a surveillance camera into your home,” says Jake Moore, cybersecurity specialist at ESET. “Ever since the webcam was invented, attackers have targeted it but over the years this attack has become more sinister in its use in extortion.” Read full Forbes article

Beware Of ‘Juice Jacking’ 

Public charging stations at malls and airports provide a quick and convenient way to power up your phone – but using them could put your private data at risk from “juice jackers.” NBC investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen shows how it works on TODAY.

To prevent being “juice jacked” use a Data Blocker.

Smart TVs

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently warned consumers that their smart televisions might be spying on them. The FBI's Portland field office issued the warning in a statement. ... In some cases, the cameras are used for facial recognition so the TV knows who is watching and can suggest programming appropriately.

Protect Your Children

In Philadelphia a local school district was caught webcam spying on students while at home with school-issued laptops.  The school district settled the class action lawsuit for $610,000 and have paid $1,200,000 in legal representation fees.

In June of 2010 new allegations that another student-issued laptop secretly recorded more than 8,000 images.  The latest accusations, which were said to occur during a six month period has left the student "shocked, and severely emotionally distressed."  According to a federal-invasion-of-privacy lawsuit, which seeks unspecified monetary damages.

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