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Of all the buzzwords to come from 2020, “work from home” is one to know. With companies in all sectors switching to remote work, there's now high demand for tech items that help staff plug in at home safely and securely. Help your clients speak to this timely product need with cost-effective and efficient promos perfect for working from anywhere.

Webcam Covers

Get branding seen without being seen

As more employees make the switch to working from home, webcam covers become even more essential. After all, no one wants to risk being spied on, especially in the privacy of their own homes. Thankfully, webcam covers are an extremely cost-effective way to prevent that from happening while delivering a healthy dose of impressions at the same time. Think about it: Remote staff are on their devices every day, which means webcam covers will be seen at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. What other promo can deliver that kind of visibility for such a low cost?

Did You Know?

The global cost of cybercrime is expected to exceed $2 trillion in 2020, per Juniper Research.

C-Slide Suggests:

Razor with CUSTOM card flood Adobe.jpg

Razor Webcam Cover

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a webcam cover thinner than the 0.8mm construction of this sleek style.

W1.0 black custom card Microsoft.jpg

Webcam Cover 1.0

The original branded webcam cover to hit the promo market, this item proves you simply can’t beat the classics.

swivel n standard blackp hilton.jpg

Swivel Plastic Webcam Cover

This innovative style swivels around rather than slides for ultimate ease of use.

Microphone Blockers

Simply plug in to keep convos private

No one likes an eavesdropper, especially if that person is a cybercriminal. Microphone blockers are extremely important for C-suite executives or team members that work with sensitive or proprietary information. If your clients want to keep confidential information private, it’s worth investing in microphone blockers for their entire staff, whether they’re working remotely or in the office. The best part is that all recipients need is a 3.5 microphone jack to plug it in and stay protected, making this a promo with universal appeal.

Did You Know?

Americans are more worried about being a victim of cybercrime (71%) than being a victim of violent crime (24%), per Gallup research.

C-Slide Suggests:

Mic Block with Custom card - Digital Fir

3.5 Mic Block

The compact construction of this tech item means more people will use it to keep conversations private.

Data Blockers

Protect any device from unauthorized access

All the ports on our devices allow for much more than simply easy charging – they also open the door for unwanted access and file transfer. There's a particularly high risk in public areas with communal charging stations, such as airportsconferences or even large office buildings. If consumers aren’t keeping a close eye on their tech, criminals can easily plug in and steal crucial information like credit card details and contacts. Educate clients on the risks of unauthorized port access and the low cost of data blockers, which can prevent it from happening to their business.

Did You Know?

Increasingly popular public charging stations put consumers at risk for “juice jacking,” a tactic where hackers use the shared connection to steal your personal information. Watch the video below to learn how it happens.

C-Slide Suggests:

USDB Custom Card Fiery 2.jpg

USB Data Blocker

This powerful yet affordable promo is just the thing to protect phones or tablets from any unauthorized access or data transfer.

Quick Charge Standard blank 2.jpg

Quick Charging

USB Data Blocker

With faster charging speeds than most data blockers on the market, this is the promo you’ll want to present.

instagram USDB Bamboo Custom Card.jpg

Bamboo Data Blocker

Appeal to eco-friendly consumers and clients with sustainable initiatives and keep recipients’ data safe.


Keep tech powered on and ready for anything

Remote workers are only as efficient as their batteries, and with staff switching between desktops, laptops, phones and tablets throughout the day, it’s important to keep all devices charged and ready. This is where chargers really shine, particularly those that can power up multiple devices at once. Not only will chargers make employees more efficient, they also deliver a larger imprint area than other security essentials for branding that can’t be missed.

Did You Know?

Consumers spend 23 more minutes a day on mobile devices since the COVID-19 pandemic began, per eMarketer.

C-Slide Suggests:

Facebook 3 Port Charging Block Custom.jp

3-Port USB Charging Block

Give impressions and battery life a boost while charging three devices at the same time.

Pinterest Jellyfish Card Custom.jpg

Jellyfish Multi-Device


Not only does this multifaceted promo charge multiple devices at once, it also doubles as a data blocker.

Cable Organizers

Increase efficiency and keep workers engaged

Cable management is way more than simply an organized desk. In fact, the global cable management market was valued at $18.31 billion just last year, and you can bet that will only increase with the adoption of “work from anywhere” practices in 2020. Not only will these clutter-reducing products spark joy in the office, they’re also handy to use at home on desks, nightstands or even in the car. That means your clients can gain impressions everywhere end-users go throughout their day, all while providing a useful benefit.

Did You Know?

The global cable management market size is projected to reach $35.02 billion by 2027, per Allied Market Research.

C-Slide Suggests:

cable quack custom 2clip a&w.jpg

Cable Quack

Choose from three different sizes to speak to your client’s specific need wherever end-users want to stay organized.


Provide clients with everything they need in one branded bundle.

Looking for a one-size-fits-all solution? Work-from-home kits are just the thing. These expertly combined combo packs include the most important privacy protection products, each tailored to hit a different price point and client need. Plus, when you order from C-Slide, you can customize any of the below bundles to create the ultimate kit.

Did You Know?

68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing, per Accenture.

C-Slide Suggests:

zoom WFHK 2Pack cusotm packaging razor.j

Work-From-Home Privacy 2 Pack

• 1 Razor Webcam Cover
• 1 USB Data Blocker

Playstation WFHK 3P custom packaging.jpg


Privacy 3 Pack

• 1 Razor Webcam Cover
• 1 3.5 Mic Block
• 1 USB Data Blocker

Spotify WFHK 4P custom packaging 2.jpg

Work-From-Home Kit

4 Pack

• 1 Razor Webcam Cover
• 1 3.5 Mic Block
• 1 USB Data Blocker
• 1 Cable Quack

Xbox WFHK J+3P custom packaging1.jpg


Charging Kit

• 1 Jellyfish Multi-Device Charger 
• 1 3-Port USB Charging Block

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