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C-Slide is the originator of the webcam cover and known as THE go-to webcam cover supplier in the promotional product advertising industry. Today we are so much more! We are growing our product lines with the goal of being the #1 supplier for all tech accessories throughout the promo industry. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations every single day. We work tirelessly to make sure your branding and messaging shines through by providing you with highly valuable and impressionable marketing solutions. We specialize in quick turnarounds, beautiful custom designs and having the flexibility to meet your every need.

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Our Webcam Privacy Products protect laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs and so much more from hacking and spying. Webcam spying has become widespread and anti-hacking software can only go so far to protect you and your loved ones’ privacy. For total protection and peace of mind C-Slide provides the best solutions on the market.

Our Cable Quacks Magnetic Cable Organizers provide quick and easy access to your charging cables, making it simple to organize the dreadful cable mess on your desk and in your car. It eliminates dangling cables from hanging on the floor or falling behind your desk leaving your cables conveniently ready for you when you need them most!

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USB Data Blockers are essential for everyone with a smart device. Don’t let your customers get “juice jacked” and share their data with thieves.  USB Data Blockers allow your device to charge quickly and efficiently without providing any access to your precious and most private data. 

At C-Slide, all of our products provide you and your clients with high value, high quality branding and image reinforcement while coupling a safety and security, feel good message, that is associated with every brand. We are excited to be a valued partner to you and your clients!

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