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7 Fun and Unique Promo Products to Fit Your Client's Specific Needs

Providing a product that fulfills a specific need end-users might not have known they had, or just stands out because of its individuality, is a good way to ensure that people hold onto that product for a long time and have a more favorable view of your client.

So, let's think outside the promotional box a little bit and take a look at seven promotional products that stand out.

1. Waterproof Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker With Standard Packaging by C-Slide

Having a waterproof speaker for the pool or shower is great, but if you want to make things a little more natural-looking, look no further than this natural bamboo speaker.

It's IPX4 waterproof and connects with any Bluetooth-capable device.

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by Brendan Menapace, Promo Marketing Magazine


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