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Check The Tech

For many businesses, 2020 was written off as a lost year. Major projects were put on hold; others were reimagined into something that still turned a profit, albeit a smaller one. Budgets were adjusted. Perhaps most notably, a mass migration to remote work occurred, leaving executives to pay rent on unused office spaces.

According to the Economist, before the pandemic, Americans spent 5% of their working time at home. BY spring 2020, that number skyrocketed to 60%. Zoom learning curves aside, the transition went better than expected. But, privacy concerns quickly overshadowed convenience. IT professionals had more immediate problems to troubleshoot than glitchy virtual trade show platforms or employees resistant to restart their computers.

"As people brought their computers home, they also brought the webcams needed for Zoom meetings into their home," noted Lori Metz, CEO of C-Slide, Lehi, Utah. "These can easily be hacked and people can unknowingly open their home up to be seen and heard by cyberattackers."

Security breaches may not stop there. Ambitious criminals can hack into a device's microphone and hear personal or business conversations that could expose sensitive information or confidential strategies. The good news is there are tech accessories that eliminate security risks or address other pandemic-inspired concerns. Print+Promo Marketing connected with Metz, and Wendy Knapp, vice president of sales for iClick, Seattle, to learn more.


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