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Vector vs Raster Images

What is the difference between Vector and Raster images?

Vector Images are editable images created by lines and curves to build shapes using mathematical formulas. Using these many different shapes, each shape one specific color, to create the full complete image. Vector images are always high resolution which allow the images to be resized from a one inch square to a giant billboard size and then back down to a business card size without any loss of image quality. This makes them virtually unlimited in size.

Vector Files Types: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg

Raster Images are flattened images made up of tiny dots of color. Because the image is made up of tiny dots you need to be aware of what dpi (dots per inch) you are creating and saving your image at. A high resolution image will be

300 dpi or higher and this size is recommended for printing. However, if the image is saved out at a smaller dpi and the size is increased to print at a much larger size the image will begin to pixelate. This is when you can see each individual dot or pixel that was used to create the image. Making the image appear blurry when printed.

Raster Files Types: .jpeg, .png, .gif, .psd

Here at C-Slide we require Vector images for printing on all of our products and high resolution Raster images used in custom packaging art so that we can produce the best quality of print.

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Victor Davidson
Victor Davidson
Sep 17, 2023

I have always respected the ocean and its mysterious inhabitants. One day when I was creating a design for a marine theme, I came across a image squid vector. This graphic attracted me with its beauty and strangeness. I used it in my project, creating a unique design. Every time I saw this squid vector, it reminded me of how big and diverse the ocean world is and how much inspiration it brings to my creativity.

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